Auto-Purger NEAP Auto-Purger NEAP Non-Electrical Auto-Purger NEAP S000038 Auto-Purger Quantity: 1 cái

Auto-Purger NEAP

  • Non-Electrical Auto-Purger NEAP


The Non-Electrical AUTO-PURGER® (NEAP) is a simplified version of the popular Hansen AUTO-PURGER®s. It is designed to remove noncondensible gases, mostly air, from an ammonia refrigeration system, resulting in lower energy costs for the system. The NEAP features welded-pipe, all steel construction and comes preassembled and tested, unlike the Armstrong purger which is shipped as unassembled components and pipes. The simple, heavy-duty design makes the NEAP especially suited for industrial refrigeration systems and does not require sophisticated training for the operators.
An optional valve package is available that is easily installed and includes the necessary shut-off valves and gauge valves for the foul gas, suction, and liquid lines.

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