Ships pre-tested and assembled for quick and easy installation, requiring only two welds to complete most valve station applications. No disassembly is required. Hansen control valve functions include solenoid valve, all common Hansen pressure regulator functions (inlet, outlet, dual pressure) and sealed motor valve (1-1/2” and 2” port size). Can be configured using standard Hansen parts for most control functions.

The MVP valve is well suited for applications including pumped liquid feed to evaporators, liquid make-up to flooded and recirculator vessels, liquid injection for screw compressors, hot gas defrost to evaporators, and evaporator pressure control. Up to six separate functions are possible: stop valve, strainer, control valve (solenoid/pressure regulator/ motorized), check, hand expansion, and stop valve.

Installed cost savings is a huge advantage of the MVP valve. Faster installation, less pipe cutting, welding assembly time, insulation, and freight equal reduced costs. In addition, the compact valve body saves installation space and valve group weight. MVP valve includes six pressure taps to measure pressure at the inlet and outlet to the valve, as well as a ¾” NPT side connection.