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Shut-off Valves

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Socket weld shut-off valves:
The advanced design and materials of the Hansen Steel Body Socket Weld Refrigerant Valves make them stronger and far superior to other commonly available products. This is especially true in regard to leakage from seats, stems, bonnets, and piping connections.

Socket weld steel bodies permit these valves to be quickly and easily welded directly into piping without the inconvenience of pipe threading or using bulkier iron-flanged valves with socket weld steel flanges requiring bolts, nuts, and gaskets.

Butt weld shut-off valves:
Hansen low pressure drop refrigerant shut-off valves are designed to be butt-welded directly to steel piping, thereby eliminating potential leaky flanges or threaded joints and simplifying installation. Cast steel bodies are lightweight, yet have substantial wall thickness to overcome corrosion potential.

The cast steel body is rigid, reducing the potential for seat leakage due to flexing of the valve body under abnormal conditions. The “heart” of Hansen shut-off valves is the patented no-leak seal-plus-stempacking design. This seal design is used exclusively on Hansen shut-off valves and virtually eliminates stem seal leakage.

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