Sealed Motor Valve HMMR Sealed Motor Valve HMMR Hansen sealed motor valve S000056 Sealed Motor Valves Quantity: 1 cái

Sealed Motor Valve HMMR

  • Hansen sealed motor valve


The Hansen Sealed Motor Valve is a truly unique motor operated valve which eliminates the most common concern of  ther motor operated valves, valve stem seal leakage. The Sealed Motor Valve has no valve stem seal because the non-electric rotor is enclosed in a stainless steel can which contains the fluid pressure. The electric stator is outside the stainless steel can, and is isolated from the fluid in the valve.
Liquid Make-up to Accumulator
Liquid Injection to Compressors
DX Evaporators
Temperature or Pressure Control
Low or High Side Level Control
Slow Opening and Closing: Suction Stop Valve
1.14 MB

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